Day 53 900 The Earth as we know it has been replaced by the Deadland. Nothing grows out of the soil except for
some plants, corrupted by mysterious poisons. The world suffers extreme, seasonless climates.

Men have regrouped into factions, gathered around cruel war lords, druids with obscur gifts and brutal kings.
The Deadland is a gigantic mortal field, once destroyed by ancient battles and left to rot between the hands of
pernicious souls. Silently, the Deadland awakens.
A young warrior is seeking game for the village. He knows the Iron Forest and no longer dreads the legends that inhabit it. His breath is synchronized with the mechanical beating of nature..
During the hunt, the warrior comes across a majestic stag that watches him among the sharp grass. A stange mechanism - like a clock - seems to be inlayed in his chest and ticks in thesilent a ir. They look at each other for an instant and the young man, caught in an inexpressible rage, pierces it with his stake. Adressing a melancholic glance, the stag bellows and strikes him with a poisoned horn. The hunter falls to the ground and sleeps an hallucinated dream.
Stuck in deep sleep by Greathorn’s venom, the Hunter is brought back among his kin in the village. Beyond the wall of consciousness, he can hear them calling, begging for him to come back. But a dim strange voice speaks from afar, telling him to break the cage of his body within the cage of his world to sail the stellar seas that spread in front of him and return to the day of the origins.
The earth starts to crumble around the Hunters’ village, when a blind soothsayer arrives. He says Tiresias is his name and an ancient race of clairvoyant sages his kin. He pretends to have been called in dreams by the son of dawn, pointing at the Hunter lying on a fodder sack. A mental dialogue about the value of life and the passage of time launches between the old sorcerer and the young man.
In the end of his journey, the Hunter went back along the flow of time and witnessed the birth of the sun. It is now cold, the meadow is barren and empty. The waves of time retreated in the filthy dusk. He can only dig a grave through the brambles and the drones, and wait there for the earth to swallow him.
A colossal golem made of black stone emerges from the ground, born in the abyss of the Deadland. In boundless fury, he annihilates the village and slaughters the tribe. He razes the whole Iron Forest with the back of his monstrous hand. The titan then heads towards the East, lead by Tiresias, leaving a landscape of destruction behind him.
Under the incendiary sun, an unknown flower grows out the cluttered ground.